Five suspects Held for Orrisa nun’s Rape

Five policemen, including an ASI, has been suspended for not doing their duty on the basis of a nun’s statement, who was allegedly raped in Kandhmal. Mostly no police came forward to help her in that five are the most important. Those were held and taken to the inquiry. Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik directed top cops to identify the police personnel deployed at  Nuagaon when the incident took place, official sources said. This incident made the whole community of Indian to Feel. Actually these incidents are unnecessary to prove their strength. This is shame on those people who Vandalise things. The nun had even alleged in a statement made at a news conference recently that the police personnel were friendly with the miscreants who assaulted her.       more>>

Brother of Afghan’s Finance Minister Kidnapped in Peshawar

Unidentified men on Friday kidnapped the brother of the Afghan Finance Minister in the north western Pakistani city of Peshawar. Zia ul Haq Ahadi,brother of the Afghan Finance Minister Anwar ul Haq Ahadi, was returning home from a mosque after giving prayer, There came four unidentified Guys. They kidnapped him and took him to a unknown Place by means of a Car. Not even giving a fraction of Seconds to trace they vanished in air. Police said that till now they had not received any report on this and no group claimed responsibility for the kidnapping. But things were claimed on the opposition Parties. Afghanistan’s ambassador-designate to Pakistan, Abdul Khaliq Farahi, was kidnapped from the same area in Peshawar on September 22 by unidentified gunmen who shot dead his driver.             more>>

Michael Ballack Resigns The Captain Post

Chelsea star Michael Ballack is set to set down as German captain. He is going to be replaced by the skipper Philipp Lahm, according to Munich newspaper Abendzeitung on Thursday. Ballack made an Apology to his coach Joachim Loew last weekend for critising him in a German newspaper. They both are going to meet face to face to have a Lucid Discusion. The Abendzeitung claims Ballack will stand down as captain as a compromise to keep his place in the team, but the article cites no source.  more>>

NASA Discovers the Presence Of Hydrocarbons in Saturn

Scientists from the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh have said that judging by the chemical composition of stars in the Milky Way, our galaxy could contain anywhere between 300 and 38,000 highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations potentially capable of contacting planet Earth. Humans has already Discovered that there is lare quantity of Mineral deposit in other planets. NASA and European Space Agency has discovered that there is Oil and Gas deposits in planet Saturn. The estimated quantity Exceeds the earth’s deposit by 100 times, Research. Ealier Cassini Huygens, Robert’s image indicated the presence of rain and snowfall in Saturn. Many scientists and analysts say extraterrestrial sources of energy could provide humankind with enough heat and energy for hundreds of years to come and would help it cope with a snowballing energy crisis. Hydrocarbons present inside huge pits covering 20 percent of Titan’s surface exceed the Earth’s coal deposits by several hundred times.


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Visits India

Ban Ki-moon,UN Secretary General came to India in order to have some words with Officials, so as to tame the spreading of Financial Crisis.In a boost to India’s case for a seat in the Security Council, Ban Ki-moon Friday termed New Delhi “an enduring partner in facing ever more complex global challenges” even as he called for more political will to advance UN reforms. Ban Ki-Moon, praised India for its support to UN in terms of peace. He also said that India is a rapid developing Country and raising its Voice over Financial crisis and Terrorism.

” This country’s contribution has helped to make our peacekeeping operations more effective in some of the world’s toughest places, from the former Yugoslavia a decade ago to the Democratic Republic of Congo today, ” Ban told reporters. He will be here for one more day. India stands third After Pakistan and Bangladesh in peace keeping. he said. He thanked India for its support to UN in major areas. He also recalled the past visits to India as a Foreign Minister.” Just last week the entire world could measure India’s progress simply by looking up at the night sky, knowing that India had successfully launched its first mission to the man, ” he said, while adding that Chandrayaan spacecraft will benefit not just India but also the world.

China Launches Venenzuela’s Satellite

Venezuela has welcomed the succesfull launch of its first Satellite VENESAT-1 on wednesday as a joint project with China. This project was started some three years ago. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said the launch marked the country’s maiden satellite launch and started Exploring the space. The launch took place in the Satellite launching center of Xichang in China’s Sichuan Province. He also said that the Satellite will eliminate the country’s Satellite Illiteracy and contribute to the Building of a Multi Polar world. Most of the Venezuelan saw the satellite’s launch and progress through TV. The satellite was manufactured by China in agies of Venezuela. The total cost of this project is $406 billion. The satellite’s life was estimated as 15 yrs from the Launch.


The Australian Priest denies Jesus as God

An Australian priest’s denial that Jesus was God in a book that was written by him. This frightened the whole Christian community around the world. Peter Dresser of Coonamble in the Diocese of Bathurst   does not think Jesus was God. ” This whole matter regarding Jesus being God,,  not only does violence to my own intelligence, but must be a sticking point for millions of people trying to make some kind of sense of the Christian religion ,, No human being can ever be God, and Jesus was a human being. It is as simple as that, The Australian quoted him as saying in the booklet entitled “God is Big Real Big”. In this book the Priest claims that Mary had as many as six children and Joseph was the father. Some Priests say that this kind of stuff makes people drive away from Christanity and would Discourage the Teachers.