India and The WiMax

                       Indian Government have decided to go ahead with auction for 3G and WiMax radio frequencies simultaneously. You can’t compare the two-one is puerly for voice while WiMax is data-centric platform. we do not see WiMax and cellular based technologies such as HSPA & LTE( long term evolution of 3G) as competing platforms but consider them complimentry to each other. India needs WiMax as it has to offer connectivity to its 800 million people who liv in the rural area.

                       WiMax is an open internet business modal with innovative new devices and application being added by the day. With many low cost embedded devices being developed. WiMax in India has a tremendous impact on the Nation’s Economy. India with a population of over 1.2 billion , had only a little over 4 million Broadband users compared to about 300 million mobile users. Widespread access to Broadband will greatly increase economic productivity by laying the ground work for important initiatives such as long distance learning , tele-medicine and e-government.


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