Tendulkar Sets another LandMark

               Sachin Tendulkar broke Brain Lara’s record for the most Test runs on Friday (17-10-2008), earning one of Cricket’s most desired honours in the Second Test against Australia by breaching Lara’s aggregate of 11,953 runs.

 Tendulkar preferred to get the record ealier. But the Australians are the top side and to get it against them was a Special moment for him. He, Who required 15 runs to surpass Lara at the beginning of the innings,batted solidly for 50 mins before celebrating the occation by raising his arms and looking skywards. Soon the Australian cricketers, including caption Pointing, walked up there to greet him.

         The stand had begun to fill in anticipation of the Approaching Milestone, Also the blowing of fireworks marked the Occation thus leaving his career total on 12,027 runs and still there are matches to move on. yesterday he scored 88 out. Till now he has played 152* matches having an average score of 54.17, which is higher than Brain Lara and Allan Border as well


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