CEO’s Suggestion On Drinking


             A random survey of 375 CEOs in the medium and large-scale private sector industries by ASSOCHAM reavealed out some embrassing facts. Almost 55 per cent of the CEOs interviewed said they would choose non-alcholic mentors over people who drink. In fact, of the 375 CEOs, 206 said that they would recruit only those young boys and girls who refrain alcohol.The common perception among the CEOs questioned is that non-alcholic people are more productive, efficient and hold the energyto vie. They stick to deadlines and are good at time management and what not. Harsh Saxena,Head of an event management company in Okhla.

                     “The results are incredible. Both efficiency and time management have improved”said Sunil Arora, Director of an advertising agency Delhi, Another laureat Sajjan Jindal, Chairman JSW Steel,said “I’ve been following the new policy for some time – teetotalers are ambitious, highly productive and specific about their target.” Hence forth most of the companies are looking for guys who hates Drinking inorder to vie the World. And if any employee is being found Guilty of pegging too much they are even ready to fire him out. the other report.


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