Successful Launch Of Chandrayaan-I


          India on Wednesday became the sixth nation to launch a moon mission when its own built PSLV-C11 rocket took off from the spaceport Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) here carrying with it Chandrayaan-I, which will map the moon’s surface. ISRO home built rocket PSLV-C11 lifted off at 6.22 a.m. today morning. After 18.2 minutes of its launch, ISRO’s warhorse rocket had injected Chandrayaan-I, its maiden moon mission, in the earth orbit.With this launch, India joined the elite club of nations which launched its own spacecraft. The launch was Accurate and is been placed in the orbit as calculated as ealier. “With this, we have completed the first leg of the mission and it will take 15 days to reach the lunar orbit,” ISRO Chairman G Madhavan Nair said.

                                  All high officials including President, Ms Patil and Dr Singh applauded the scientists who took efforts in doing so. Chandrayaan-I is carrying an Indian flag which will be placed on the Moon’s surface when the  Probe lands on the moon during the course of the two-year mission.


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