Chandrayaan-I sending signals to Earth


                             The Aim of the launched Chandrayaan-I is to harvest helium3,a key fuel for nuclear fusion. Though Fusion is not possible now, Scientist say it one day will happen because till date supply is the big crux as our earth is believed to have only a limited amount of helium 3. The moon is thought to contain atleast 4 million tonnes. This mission is also looking for the water ice in moon. Chandrayaan-I carried 5 inbuilt instruments and 6 abroad instruments as a total of 11. These will help the scientists to have a 3-D atlas of sport minerals such as Thorium,Aluminium Slicon etc. Many of these instruments will send images of moon from which even the heights of the hills,depth of craters there can be calculated.

                       “Its is complex and challenging task but the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) can send an Indian astronaut to space before 2015″ said Chairman G.Madhavan Nair. In a questionary he was asked about wheather he will support the cooperation of other countries, he replied” We do not have any proposal for cooperation but we are not Opposed to it”. Following the Chandrayaan-I, Chandrayaan-II will be planned to launch on or before 2013. This Chandrayaan-II would drop the rover on the moon,which is promished to given to India by Russia.


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