Raj Thackeray’s Release


                      Its Diwali time for Raj Thackeray’s family following his release from jail on Wednesday,hence it (diwali) arrived a week before than is actually being celebrated amidst fire crackers,and the necessary that happens as usuall when a political man is released. He was arrested because of the agitation that took place in maharastra during the Railway recruitment process before. It was more over comfirmed that he was alleged to be the Mastermind towards the agitation. But later on it was said he was not there on sport when the Outrage broke out.

                       The home coming became more memorable for the family as it was Raj’s mother, Kunda’s birthday on Wednesday. It was a longway journey from jail to his home. There were present his close relatives to take him back home, where his mother took Aarthi in Entrance. ” she was very happy that he had come back home. There were tears of happiness in her eyes,” said a close aide. Raj once he entered his house he straigh away went to his Third floor where he was gerrted by his close relatives. Wife Sharmila is said to have broken down after seeing her husband back. “Vahini (sister-in-law) was crying and hugging all the relatives,” said the Supporters.


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