The killing of an Ambani’s Employee

             A former employee of Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City (DAKC) was arrested Thursday, eight days after the alleged killing of the company’s employee, Anandita Goswami-Mishra, said a high-ranking police official.’The accused is Jacob Pinto, who was in love with the killed and he wanted her to marry him. But she refused to do so , inturn Jacob got angry and killed her’ report said. Its also reported that Jacob was in Human Resource Department as  Anandita was there workin as a Manager.On Oct 17, around 8 p.m., 33-year-old Anandita left work as usual and was proceeding from the DAKC toKoparkhairane station, to catch a suburban train to Ghansoli , where she lived.

                       It was clear that she was attacked vigerously and was stabbed 3 -4 times around her abdomen.Heavy bleeding, she succumbed to the injuries soon thereafter. Anandita, separated from her husband, lived in Ghansoli with her mother Poornima Goswami and a four-year old daughter Ahana, who needs constant medical attention.


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