Bishop- Adopted a”Spiritual Daughter”

The Vatican has suspended a bishop in Kerala after a outbreak of fury over his adoption of a young woman as his “spiritual daughter”, the state’s Catholic bishops’ council said.Bishop John Thattungal, 58, Priest of the diocese in Kochi city, met the 26-year old unmarried woman on a pilgrimage, and adopted her, saying she had extraordinary spiritual powers and this made him to adopt her.His move created an abnormal thinking in the regional media in Kerala, which recently celebrated India’s first woman saint Alphonsa, who was a Kerala born.”The bishop has been stripped of the administrative and religious responsibilities of the diocese, pending a probe into the charges as per a Official order issued by a Authority,” said Father Stephen Althara, a spokesman for the Kerala Catholic Bishop’s Council.

The Vatican sector conducted the interrogation and confirmed from the officals of the Diocese, that the doings of Thattungal was not right according to the christian law.In early days Priests were permitted to marry in  Church’s history before the celibacy rule was adopted at the start of the second millennium.Thattungal offered to withdraw the adoption if the Vatican insist him to do so.Although Thattungal lost the title of bishop and many responsibilities, now he only can celebrate Mass and perform other functions for the time being, Althara said. It is also said that he will go to Rome inorder to explain what had happened actually and what made him to adopt the lady as the”spiritual daughter..


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