How can one keep up his job in this financial crisis

One of the most spoken stuffs in todays world is something related to job security because most of the companies so as to over come the idemnity, sack people from the job. This has created a Chaos in the employees thought. Over the next few months, Barclays will lay off at least 3,000 employees to eliminate job duplications between the two banks. The process will likely involve so-called “stack ranking” managers will evaluate employees on various criteria, then assign each person a score. Everyone above a certain score stays,those below go. This scenario has doubled during the past three months and is going to get tripled in the following months as more troubled companies get hurried up by bigger ones. As a former Lehman Brothers employee, now a Barclays staffer, says, “It’s become a very creative time here.” If you want to keep your job, convince the higher-ups you’re indispensable. “If it’s a you really want, it’s worth the fight.” says Michelle Winkley, director of human resources for an Internet-based company and previous HR manager at Pricewaterhouse Coopers and AIG. Suppose if you are moving towards a new job don’t hesitate to work there. If you are not comfortable go directly to your Boss and ask him how can yo help him. This makes him to make you up in every aspects.


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