American People Say Sarah Palin is not qualified to become the Vice-President

Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s popularity is going down day by day, even as less than two weeks are left for the November 4 elections. This is because people believe that she lacks experience to handle the second highest post, The Vice President. A majority of likely voters are unfavorable views of the Alaska Governor, even as most still doubt her presidential qualifications. It was discovered that the Republican National Committee used political funds to help Palin assemble a wardrobe for the campaign, majority of the people said that they have a negative impression regarding her. Minority said they have a favorable view. According to one view it is hoped that majority of the Women’s vote goes to Obama. The foremost thing here the people of America doesn’t wanther to become their Vice President. The one and only reason is she is not capable to hold the post. This wooes the Obama’s Opposition party, Republic


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