CBI probe in Orrisa nun rape

The nun who was raped in an riot that hit Kandhamal in the district of Orrisa on Augest 25, demanded  the Supreme court under the support of Catholic Bishop’s Conference, After the non approval of the CBI probe the nun appeared to media Yesterday with her face covered. She said ” I was raped and now I don’t want to be victimised by the Orrisa Police. I want CBI enquiry. The state Police had failed to stop the crimes, failed to protect me from the attackers, they were friendly with the attackers, they tried their best that I didn’t file an FIR, Police did not take my statement as I narrated in detail”. The gang took her to a near building and was raped in the Varanda . Recalling the past she said when she was unter the Attackers control at the beggining she some how managed to escape but was held once again when she heard ” Come let us rape her atleast 100 people should rape her” . The nun also said that the Police were friendly and asked her does she knows the Consequences of filing a FIR if she wished to do so.


One Response to “CBI probe in Orrisa nun rape”

  1. Sheba Abraham Says:

    shame on Orissa and on the Indian govt.This is just one of the few major insults hurled at women everyday in India – a beautiful country,yet corrupted and rotten to the core!Where are the politicians now???- authorities who are supposed to safegaurd people.Damage done is completely done.Could any strategic solution reverse this event???????

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