Chocolate made out of camel milk, new

Its time for all we folks to enjoy eating a new variety of chocolate that is made with a special flavour, the camel milk. Al Nassma, being the world’s first camel milk chocolate, was officially launched in Dubai. Al Nassma the Arabic word for a cool desert breeze and this effort made the camel milk in demand, the production was doubled for this purpose. The company launched this brand in market this Wednesday in Dubai. “We want to create a brand which has international importance. I believe this product has the power to become the sweet ambassador of Arabia born in Dubai,” Johann George Hochleitner, the man behind the idea, said to a nwes channel. Hochleitner, who is also a member of the panel already tried Chocolates with Goat milk, Sheep milk etc.. He travelled around the world to get a major Camel milk producer. Atlast he found one in Dubai and there by started the Production. Nowadays there is a restriction in Exporting products to European Countries from Dubai. Studies are in process to over come this situation. The Chocolate producers are damn sure that they will start Exporting Camel chocolate soon.


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