Rahul Gandhi and the Rae Bareli showdown

In the Rae Bareli showdown, the Chandra Shekhar Azad University for Agriculture and Technology denied AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi the permission to interact with the students that was planned, shut down the main gate to block his entry. The college heads even locked up the venue where he was to planned to meet the students.The district administration even withdrew his security and fleet.But then Gandhi never gave up and he entered the campus , met lots of cheering students more or less as planned.His escorts are even withdrawn on the way and the congress called this incident as non-bearable, jeoparady of his life. When asked, a clam and smiling Rahul later said “I was prevented from visiting the university, but I didn’t know why the state government was being vindictive .I had promised the students that I will come. I just went there to keep my promise,”. The interaction with the students were about 45 mins.The students who have been packed up by the Authority surrounded him and started asking for the reinstatement. Similar program was even got cancelled on the notice of Diwali holidays and some other students are busy with the convocation in IITs.Vice-chancellor Dr V.K. Suri said. But Gandhi said he would not cut the visit and will be scheduled as per..


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