Sensex Crash Due to Crisis

It was yesterday that the Domestic Indices fell by slews of points to reach a three year low point as 8,701. India when it came out as a developing country. It got 1000 points on Sensex table on july 25 1990 and then it gradually rose to 10,000 -> 19,000 on october 15 2007. But now the condition has been reversed. It started comimg down from 19,000 -> 12,000 around before the financial crisis. After the crisis it is still low to 9,000 around. Now yesterday it came to 8,701 points. Companies including Reliance Power, Cipla, Ranbaxy,Hindalco, Ambuja Cement, Jet Airways, Suzlon Energy had a very big hit. In the downtravel,20 stocks from the 30 shares sensex fell more than 10 percent. This was the steepest fall in any single trading session after a 1,408 plunge before. The sensex fell1,204 point at the day’s low of 8,566 in late trade, its now lowest since November 23 in 2005. The rupee breached a historic mark of 50-mark against the U.S. Dollar. Albeit the US is in financial crisis its dollar rate is at the maximum than any other previous year hike except 2004-2007. So from this one can make sure that ” How much the Indian market is going down. BJP said this as a home growing crisis and demanded the Finance Minister to Resign.


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