The Nun and her open book

Book on Youthful masturbation and anti-Semitic leanings are published on Friday after the Death of France’s favourite nun, Emmanuelle. This book was written by her two years back and was kept locked until her death on this monday, which triggered an outpouring of tributes for her work with the poor in the slums of Cairo and later in France. In her book she revealed out every thing about her conscience nothing was screened. she tells of her outings to Brussels dance halls, falling in love with her Greek teacher and being torn between marriage and the convent. She masturbated and felt sexual temptation her youth, written openly in the Book. Since her grandmother was a Jew, she felt a strong dislike towards Jews in her early life. “Faced with the absence of God in the middle of terrible crime tragedies was I, in the final and clear analysis, right to believe in Him?” she asked.


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