Child Labour Clippings in Net

Global recession is now spreading its wings locally and the worst affected is the lock and hardware industry in Aligarh. At a time of their collapse in the international market, video clips of child labour in Aligarh factories have appeared on Google, youtube and American online websites.The clips that were that were reported to be were from reputed firms like Prashant Enterprises, and et al. In a response to these clippings, European and American buyers have cancelled orders they had placed in these firms. “It is Compulsary for the exporters in Aligarh to give a certificate that there is no child labour works in their factories, when the order is placed “. Managing Director of Prashant Enterprises, Ramesh Garg told Hindustan Times ” Aligarh exports nearly Rs 600 crore worth of hardware to America, Japan, Australia, England, South Africa, Germany and other countries”. He said these clippings are bogus and someone has done this voluntarly inorder to cut the export from Aligarh and et al. Aligarh Assem Arun said, “An FIR has been lodged in this connection and we will soon book the culprits.” Dhanjeet Vadra, an Aligarh exporter, told Hindustan Times that most of the leading exporters have initiated cost cutting measures to be able to sail through this crisis while others have suspended operation. Many exporters reported that now the order is getting declained and nearly 30 percent as low as when compared to last year…


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