NASA Uncovers Its New Lunar Rover

National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA), has developed a Lunar Rover with six wheel. This will help the Astronauts to travel a long distance inside this vehicle without wearing the tough spacesuit. This vehicle is actually developed by a group of Scientist and is on its trail in a corner of Arizon. The selected area resembles the Moon’s surface. Since this vehicle is going to be used in moon, we cannot test trail in smooth road as all we know. An Astronaut drove the vehicle around a lava field formed by cracky mountains, pits and ditches. Similar vehicle was already used by the Apollo series men, in which they need to wear the spacesuit while moving around. It was more over like a Jeep and was used to travel small distance to gather rock pieces. The new prototype has a pressurised cab and is fitted out with leather seat and bunks. It would allow a crew of two Astronauts to take extended exploration trips for up to two weeks at a time covering distance upto 1,000 kilometers. The crew would not wear spacesuit while in the Vehicle, which is fitted with large window offering extensive view of the terrain, but while stepping out for collecting materials they should wear it. While inside the Rover they can feel as if one was inside a truck in earth…           More>>


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