Railway Properties attacked in Bihar

In Bihar people protested against the MNS activity that took place a week ago. This was counter attack for the same. Bandh passengers entered the train and detached the engine from the bogies and forced the driver to take it to a few Kilometers away. Police registered the case and some 5 of them were arrested. Due to this most of the Trains were delayed and there by the whole service were disturbed. Some shop were also looted and Vandalised by the agitators before being chased away by the Policemen. They also blocked the Vehicular movement for times. A group of around 20 school students halted the Delhi-Patna Express for about half an hour. In Patna life remained unaffected with schools open and business modules operating as usual. The state wide Bandh called by the students wing of various Opposition parties to protect the attack on biharis by Raj Thackeray’s MNS lost much of its move and was not a great success.


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