The Poor Rader System In India

A day after the Comptroller and Auditor General CAG,  pointed out that India’s security was not up to the mark to withstand hostile aerial attacks, Defence Minister A.K. Antony said that insufficient number of radars held by the Indian Air Force constitute “a serious problem”. “The process of deployment of radars began in 1991, but we were not able to provide the necessary air defence equipment due to some unbareable reasons. Albeit new rader has been deployed it will take time to process normally. The CAG reported that India use only the old and non functioning raders and from that how can they expect nice results- they asked. The national auditor said the government failed to approve the IAF’s modernisation despite  growing magnitude of potential aerial threats.” The report revealed shortage of medium power radars needed for ground control was compared too less than the projected requirement.The CAG criticised the defence ministry for not on its way to its submarine induction plan. “At present, the navy holds just 67 per cent of the force level picturised in its 1985 plan. Due to usage of ageing fleet by the Indian defence ministry , the average operational availability of the submarines is as low as 48 percent,” CAG said.


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