Firecrackers Brand named After Dhoni

The Lalu Rabri brand( Crackers) seems to have lost its spark this Diwali. Firecrackers named after the railways minister and his wife, former chief minister of Bihar, gone down due to some unknown reason and there is a new entry this time in Market named after( A Brand) Cricketer, and Indian Captian Dhoni, ‘item girl’. But there is not too much trace of  Nitish Kumar or  Sonia Gandhi either in the run up in Bihar. ” There are no Lalu bombs, Lalu engine, Lalu rocket, Nitish pataka or Rabri phuljhari this year. It is surprising ” said Mohammed Rizwan Ahmad, a shopkeeper selling crackers and other necessary items told the press, regarding this festive season in Patna. Another shopkeeper said there was demand for Lalu Brand as well as the above mentioned brands. Some other said they even sell Hot girl and Item girl Firecrackers. Once or the last year the Lalu brand flew off the stores like Rockets.

There were too many buyers for the brand, said an shopkeeper. In Ranchi, it was brand named Dhoni took a high sale this year with not just firecrackers but also sweets named after the cricketer. The Dhoni brand has urged up, competing with filmstars like Vidya Balan, Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai and, of course, Lalu Prasad.” Dhoni firecrackers have captured more than half the market ” said Praveen Mangal, shopkeeper in the Jharkhand. The range of the Firecrackers are between Rs. 50 to Rs. 750. Most of the shopkeepers voice went like this ” We purchased firecrackers named Dhoni and it gave us a Awesome sale, so we are next planning to buy Dhoni sweets.


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  1. elangovan Says:

    very good play

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