Melting of Ice caps in poles

A new research by British scientists has introduced that the Arctic icecap is now shrinking at record rates in the winter as well as summer, adding to evidence of disastrous melting near the North Pole. According to the report it was said that a Research made by University College London reveals the melting of ice caps even in Winter season in the Poles. The team found that the summer meltdown continued through winter non stopping with the thickness of sea ice decreasing by a record 19 percent last winter. In general the ice caps melts in summer and makes it up to the original (building it back) level in summer. But this was not the case now. This suggests some other, longer-term change, such as a rise in water temperature or a change in ocean circulation that has brought warmer water under the ice. The rate of melting in the following years are calculated more than any other previous years. The Crux is that sea ice is not just receding but it is also thinning,the cause of the thinning is however potentially even more alarming. The winter Temperature is more than what the Scientist predicted, and was worried to melt over a time period of 10 years. Ice is white so most of the sunlight hitting it is reflected back into space. When it melts however it leaves open ocean which being darker absorbs light and so gets warmer.


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