Praja Rajyam appoints its First Candidate

A poor and illiterate tribal woman is likely to be the first candidate of Telugu superstar turned politician Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam party for the Andhra Pradesh assembly elections. T. Munemma, a daily wager was appointed as the candidate for the coming Election. Chiranjeevi was so impressed by her struggle against poverty and some other issues made by her made him to choose her as the first Party candidate. Praja Rajyam leader, who has promised to bring a change in state politics introduced Munemma at a meeting on women’s empowerment on Sunday. He also said she should be admired by all and they should provide her a place in the Legislature. ” The change you want to see should come through you. You will definitely become a public representative. Praja Rajyam will be behind you,” he said. The 30 year old Munemma is a member of a local self-help group and works for women’s empowerment. She fought against the Liquor also remanded her Spouse to put to an end to Liquor. ” Some people here are talking about women’s empowerment but this can’t be achieved by men in safari suits and women in jewels. Chiranjeevi wants to become the chief minister but this is not enough. We have to go to every village, create awareness and tell people that we will solve their problems,” Munemma said.


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