World’s Romantic couple Anette and Kenneth Lund

Folks world is moving Beyond Lets get some Zig-Zag news around. Today its all about the Romantic Couple Anette and Kenneth Lund. World’s most romantic couple Anette and Kenneth Lund have not only set up a record by marrying six times, they have also broken a world record by completing four ceremonies in a day. The couple fell in Love few years ago and thought of tying a Knot from then,yearto year, until they die in a bid to keep the excitement of their marriage alive. ” When Kenneth asked me to marry him again and again, I loved the idea,” quoted Anette. ” I’ll never get tired of marrying him, even when we’re old and grey. I’ll have a new dress, flowers and pictures every year. What bride wouldn’t love that?” she added. The couple got married first in Hotel then in limousine and then in helicopter and finally while skydiving. The couple said they wanted it to be fun. The speciality is the Real marriage was over three yrs ago. Kenneth met his wife when he planned her first wedding to her ex-husband, and they started dating when her marriage ended after a year. photo >>


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