Googles Online Library

Google has reached a legal settlement with authors and major publishers that paves the way for readers to search through millions of copyrighted books online, browse passages and purchase copies. According to Tuesday’s settlement, Google will pay $125 million to create a Book Rights Registry, where Authors and other boooking loving geeks can Register and receive penalty from the book Sale. This was a three year plan that was planned to help many of World’s great as well as not famous books to be searched Online and even to Buy it through Online. The lawsuit filed by publishers McGraw-Hill Cos Inc, Pearson Plc’s Pearson Education and Penguin Group units, CBS Corporation’s Simon & Schuster and John Wiley & Sons charged that Google’s attempts to scan works without permission infringed on copyright protections. A crux was established it can be used by all to read a limited page numbers and able to write Reviews or comments based on those few pages. To read the whole boook there are some other Procedures. “It’s been a long and arduous negotiation,” said Paul Aiken, executive director of the Authors Guild, calling the settlement “the biggest book deal in U.S. publishing history. ” Libraries across the country will be offered an online portal”.


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