HP launches Mini 1000 Model Laptops for $400

Hewlett Packard (HP) on Wednesday will unveil a new mini notebook in a move to gain ground in the fastest growing PC category, which until now has been dominated by its smaller rivals. Inexpensive laptops designed mainly for browsing made the HP an competant in the fast growing world. Now it has released a new Mini 1000, Which is around $400 is totally different from the previous models Inducted by HP. It uses Intel’s Atom processor and is also substantially less expensive, signaling that the price war in net books that some analysts have been predicting may have begun. Although Hp is the Top selling PC maker it saw a dip in its share, which went upto 18.8 per cent. Bob O’Donnell, vice president at IDC, estimates 10.8 million net books will ship in 2008. He expects net book shipments to jump to 20.8 million in 2009. Carlos Montalvo, vice president of marketing said Mini 1000 is superior to Second tire and third tire. Hence it will out perform this time. HP will also offer a Mini 1000 that runs Linux for $379, as well as a special edition designed by fashion designer Vivienne Tam for $699.        Photos>>


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