Sex inorder to make Job Satisfaction in Briton

In Briton it is said 1 in 5 is going for sexual need inorder to make Job Satisfaction.A new survey in Britain has revealed that one out of five people has had sex at working fact a quarter of men would consider selling bodies for money while one in ten women would sleep with someone to advance their career. It has found that men are more Vulnerable than women. It is also revealed that age group between 25 -44 are the most affected one.Moreover, according to poll commissioned by a newspaper, one in five Britons does not believe that monogamy is desirable, while three out of ten actually do not think that it is natural. A survey found that the Britons didn’t encouraged Gay marriages or Homosexual should be made illegal.British people are losing their very earlier.Among the 65 plus age group, the average age at which virginity was lost was 19, while the average Briton  loses their virginity between the ages of 16 and 17. A third of people in fact lose their virginity before the age of puberty.     photos>>


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