The Elections symbols for November Unveiled

It is election time and there is a fray to find their Election symbol. Most of the Parties are under Chaos, which Symbol will make them up. You can be a ‘whistle’ blower or “hammer” the minds of voters with poll symbols like “iron”, “coconut” or “bat”. One of the possible symbols can be a “carrot” and “kite”, symbol which would ensure voters that they fly high until the results are out. There are “pressure cooker”, “railway engine”, “walking stick”, and “sewing machine” too on the platter offered by the Election Commission to the candidates keen to contest the polls scheduled for November 29 in Delhi. Over all there are 59 symbols available and from that the Contest can choose any one aiming a Win probably. “Glass tumbler”, “cup” “saucer”,”cake”, “ice cream”, “jug” and “kettle” are also available as election symbols Told Election commission. Animals are no longer used as symbol because of complaints from various animal protecting Organisations.

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