The Next level OS from Microsoft Windows-7

Microsoft Windows 7, is on the way to its release probably the next year and the test trails are arriving soon in the Market. Windows 7, with features including touch screen technology and the ability to more easily personalize the system. Windows Vista was not escaped from its Critisism due to poor compatibility with devices and slow start speeds. As the world is centered on the web there a lot many OS available but People prefer only Windows because of its Usablity. Regarding the Vista too Sorry.. to say.
Microsoft decided to measure success by a positive user experience versus technical superiority often overlooked by ordinary consumers. Julie Larson Green, a Microsoft corporate vice president in charge of overseeing the design of Windows 7, said “It’s fine to have the best technical solution. But just like VHS and Beta (Betamax), the best technical solution doesn’t always matter,”. The company is amied at “Simple is Better” they learned a lesson from the non-hit of Vista, which contained 50 million lines of coding.

Preview Windows 7


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