Turky Bans Blogging

Ankara, On Tuesday october 28, Turkish Internet users regained access to millions of blogs Tuesday after a court ordered a temporary reversal of a ban on a blog hosting website imposed Friday. A ban came into existence when a Turkish Station complained about that around 60 blogs are Illegally showing Turkish Football Matches. These blogs were a hosting service of Google. Due to this ban many of the Bloggers are Unhappy and are Vexed because as a blogger i know how much would they feel when this kind of Stuff happens to them. Attempts to visit the site Of Tukish Blogs diverted users to a notice in English and Turkish explaining that access had been suspended. There was a missing Evidence because of this ban was lifted. The court could re-implement the ban once the missing evidence is provided, according to the broadcaster’s website. The video sharing site Youtube has been banned for hosting a video insulting the founder of the Turkish republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. According to the Government’s Telecommunications Board, as of Aug -18- 2008, 853 sites were blocked in Turkey.

To View The Videos>>


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