The Battle for F1 Championship-Massa,Lewis

Another Formula One season comes down to the last race of the year, with McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari’s Felipe Massa Competing for their first career title at the Brazilian Grand Prix in the last match that is Scheduled on this Sunday. This is the One and only season in which seven different drivers won the Race. This sunday will be the deciding day for both Hamilton and Felipe Massa. Lets see who is coming out with colours. Hamilton needs only a fifth or better finish to gain the Title and to become the Youngest Champion of Formula One at the age of 23. If it happens he will be the first British champion since Damon Hill in 1996. As Massa is concerned the only way to clinch the title is to win the Race no other Go. He said the task for him is straight forward just to win not like Hamilton this or that. But when we come to points Massa has to worry a lot.” I have to look at things realistically and appreciate that I have another weekend of maximum effort ahead of me,” Hamilton said.

point table>>


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