The Duration of One’s Honeymoon is Not More than 2 Years

What most of the Newly married Couple would think… ” Oh great we got married anyway and hereafter we are going to Rock this world”. But this enjoyment is only for a few days say nearly 2 years from the Marriage. New study revealed. New research which found that for an average couple the honeymoon is well and truly over after exactly two years, six months and 25 days. Research found that after 2 years men are far more likely to leave dirty washing on the floor, While stops her make ups and she would not take time to Seduce her Partner and she remainds as a couch potatoe around in pyjamas and hog the TV remote control. After 3 yrs they even don’t feel like Celebrating it. Most of the things would turns the tables on( Reverse ). Partners would hug more than eight times a day before their first wedding anniversary, compared with five or less after a few years of marriage, the study revealed.

research report>>


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