Tony Blair The Highest Paid Speaker Ever-Report

Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of England has named the highest paid speaker after Bill Clinton made more than 12 million pounds  since stepping down as British premier over a year ago, a British newspaper reported Wednesday. The sum he gets for his speeches are 6 times more than what he earned during his work as a Prime Minister.The Report said Blair is now thought to be the world’s highest paid speaker ever, having made more from speeches in the past 12 months than Bill Clinton did in his first year after leaving the White House. Mr Blair after stepping down from the Office started giving speeches, tours the world speaking to audiences including investment banks, private equity firms and chambers of commerce. Blair made 4.6 million pounds from his memoirs, an estimated two million pounds from the bank JPMorgan Chase and 500,000 pounds from Zurich Financial Services. As a Parallel man Mr Clinton can be compared to Blair. Clinton earned 5.8 million pounds from speeches in his first year outside the White House. “Mr Blair is now probably the highest-paid public speaker in the world.”


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