Top Earning Dead Celebrities-2007

There are people who are not able to earn even they are alive in one corner of the World. There are also people who can earn even when they are dead. They are Elvis Presley, Snoopy Creator Charles Shultz, and recently died actor Heath Ledger. These are the people who came in the Forbe’s Top earning dead Clebrities for the year 2007.While things might be Upside down in the financial markets above ground, it’s still a bull market in the boneyard. The 13 famous names that make up our Top Earning Dead Celebrities earned a combined $194 million over the last 12 months. The No:1 goes to the Rock and Roll Elvis Presley, earned a whopping $52 million in the last year. This sum is more than that of the earnings made by the Living legends like Justin Timberlake..$44 million last year and Madonna…. $40 last year.

Charles Shultz                        photos>>

Elvis Presley                             photos>>

Heath Ledger photos>>


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