NASA Discovers the Presence Of Hydrocarbons in Saturn

Scientists from the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh have said that judging by the chemical composition of stars in the Milky Way, our galaxy could contain anywhere between 300 and 38,000 highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations potentially capable of contacting planet Earth. Humans has already Discovered that there is lare quantity of Mineral deposit in other planets. NASA and European Space Agency has discovered that there is Oil and Gas deposits in planet Saturn. The estimated quantity Exceeds the earth’s deposit by 100 times, Research. Ealier Cassini Huygens, Robert’s image indicated the presence of rain and snowfall in Saturn. Many scientists and analysts say extraterrestrial sources of energy could provide humankind with enough heat and energy for hundreds of years to come and would help it cope with a snowballing energy crisis. Hydrocarbons present inside huge pits covering 20 percent of Titan’s surface exceed the Earth’s coal deposits by several hundred times.



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