Prime Minister visits Assam

The country has witnessed 64 serial blasts in six states in less than six months leaving 215 people dead and nearly 900 injured. Home Minister Shivraj Patil said these acts are cowardly and the person who does this does not want peace to prevail in the peaceful Country. His statement came after the serial blast in Assam that took more than 60 lives. These kind of serial blast has been reported in the pink City Jaipur last may killing 65 people. ” Their aim , to create communal disturbances  has been thwarted. The people of Jaipur have not allowed their nefarious design to succeed,” Patil had said then. In India there were many such bomb blast has happened and took too many lives… They Bangalore blast, Ahmedabad blast. Anti national elements have been trying to create panic among the people in our country. As terror spread its wings to the national capital which was rocked by six serial blasts killing 26 people and 50 others, the Ministry said that the government has taken a series of measures recently to strengthen security in Delhi. Whatever more is required to be done will be done soon.


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