UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Visits India

Ban Ki-moon,UN Secretary General came to India in order to have some words with Officials, so as to tame the spreading of Financial Crisis.In a boost to India’s case for a seat in the Security Council, Ban Ki-moon Friday termed New Delhi “an enduring partner in facing ever more complex global challenges” even as he called for more political will to advance UN reforms. Ban Ki-Moon, praised India for its support to UN in terms of peace. He also said that India is a rapid developing Country and raising its Voice over Financial crisis and Terrorism.

” This country’s contribution has helped to make our peacekeeping operations more effective in some of the world’s toughest places, from the former Yugoslavia a decade ago to the Democratic Republic of Congo today, ” Ban told reporters. He will be here for one more day. India stands third After Pakistan and Bangladesh in peace keeping. he said. He thanked India for its support to UN in major areas. He also recalled the past visits to India as a Foreign Minister.” Just last week the entire world could measure India’s progress simply by looking up at the night sky, knowing that India had successfully launched its first mission to the man, ” he said, while adding that Chandrayaan spacecraft will benefit not just India but also the world.


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