World’s Most Powerful Emerging Cities

some years ago, Shenzhen, which is in China, was considered to be a little fisherman’s port. A decade ago it had developed into a small regional shipping center. And Now today, it handles more container ships than Dubai, New York and Tokyo combined, according to data from the American Association of Port Authorities. It also boasts China’s second-largest stock exchange. Shenzhen’s rise mainly depended on China. It must be understood that the globalization turned secondary cities into commercial powers. It ranked 10th on a new list of the world’s most powerful emerging cities after Shanghai and Beijing named 1st and 2nd. The rankings are given in 8 parameters. They are
1) business environment
2) economic growth
3) economic environment
4) financial services environment
5) size of equity
6) bond
7) derivative
8) commodities trading

Then, the rankings examine how the City is connected to the world through commercial air and sea traffic, how educated, quality of life and safety. Protected Places As the global financial crisis progresses, cities with the least exposure to the bad bets in the credit markets are in the best position to continue growing.

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