UK, The Most Promiscuous Western Nation


In an promiscuous survey, numbers of partners and attitudes to sex, Britain comes out ahead of other industrialised nations such as Australia, the US, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. In a questionnary people from different parts of the world were asked about  how many people they expected to sleep with in the next five years. Britain’s may be linked to the way society is increasingly willing to accept sexual promiscuity among women as well as men. It was said that when both Male and Female attain a certain age they are ferr to have sex and are equally liberal.

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UK Tops The Promiscuity List Table

1 United Kingdom

2 Germany

3 Netherlands

4 Czech Republic

5 Australia


7 France

8 Turkey

9 Mexico

10 Canada

11 Italy

12 Poland

13 Spain

14 Greece

15 Portugal

Buffett Tops 50 American Philanthropists List-Survey


This massive financial crisis has not stopped the billioners from donating their wealth to the poor. Legendary investor Warren Buffett tops the list of top 50 American philanthropists, A survey taken by America’s publication. He was given 1st rank in the  Philanthropists List, followed by Software king Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates. Third rank went to George Kaiser followed by George Soros and Chief Executive of Hilton Hotels William Barron Hilton stands at the fifth position. For the 2004-08 period, Buffett gave away USD 40,655 million , Bill & Melinda Gates donated USD 2,625 million,Kaiser gave away USD 2,377 million,  Soros gave away USD 2,214 million,and Hilton gave away USD 1,700 million.

P. Chidambaram Is New Home minister,Prime minister Takes Care of Finance


Home Minister Shivraj Patil resigned Sunday in the wake of the Mumbai terrorist massacre, and Finance Minister P. Chidamabarm was promptly given additional charge of the critical ministry, Congress sources said. It was said that the Prime Minister takes care of the Finance sector. ” Yes, he (Patil) has taken the moral responsibility and has decided to quit ” ,Congress spokesperson Jayanti Natarajan told reporters. The thing that had happened in mumbai is Outrageous and this should not happen aftermath.

Home Minister Shivraj Patil Resigns Over Mumbai Attack


Home Minister Shivraj Patil, under tremendous criticism over a flood of terrorist attacks in the country since last year, resigned on Sunday in the wake of the Mumbai terror strikes, which lasts for more than 60 hours. He sent his resignation letter to prime minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday morning.

65 Killed in Nigerian Political Clash


Around 65 people were killed in a political clash in Nigeria. Among the 65, Seven were found to be Students. It was said that more than 75 were killed and only 65 were identified,  Bala Kassim, said that he could only confirm about 65. This clash was due to the political elections, which began on Friday last. Gun battles between security agents and the protesters continued as the Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission announced Saturday that the ruling People’s Democratic Party won in 16 of the 17 council areas of the state. The clash is mainly between Muslim and Christians, most of the Churches and the Mosque were ravaged in the incident.

Dawood’s Involvement in Mumbai Attack


As Mumbai tackled its worst terror strike on Yesterday Night. There are around 5 terrorists inside the Oberai hotels and they are in demand of UK or US visas. ” Terrorists were not more than 20-25 years of age. They were dressed casually in jeans and T-shirts but were very aggressive in their demeanour. They kept screaming that they wanted anyone with a British or an American passport ” the witness told media persons.

Moshe Holtzberg is the centre of attention for Mumbai’s small Jewish community as it mourns the loss of the boy’s rabbi father and mother, both killed by Islamist gunmen. The newly born Moshe Holtzberg is in the care of his nanny, who saved him. ” When the baby emerged with the nanny, he had blood stains on him . Thankfully it wasn’t his blood. But we knew someone’s blood had already been spilled “.Benjamin Isaac, secretary of the Indian Jewish Federation told Reuters.

A little-known militant group going by the name of “Deccan Mujahideen” today claimed responsibility for the coordinated terror strikes in Mumbai on Wednesday night. It was said that the Terrorists came through Boat. In the camera shots of a suspected terrorist show him with an AK-47 assault rifle, dressed in a black half T-shirt and jeans with a blue rucksack hung over his left shoulder and red sacred thread tied on his right wrist.