Arresting Osama Bin Laden, My First Step-Obama

The race to the White House is almost over. And on Friday, Barack Obama told Americans that his first priority if he wins the election, will not be tax reform, but to catch Osama Bin Laden. Osama being the greatest threat to the World is still alive some where in the world with out any show. Its great to pronunce Osama Vs Obama. In a rally Obama said, “We will finally finish the fight and snuff out Al-Qaida and Bin Laden who killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11. I will never hesitate to do what it takes to defend this nation,”. He also said that the biggest threat to Pakistan is not India and its their own Militans. There are only 3 more days to go for US Election, Both McCain and Obama are in Flay. According to CNN’s poll of polls, 50 per cent of likely voters are backing Obama, 43 per cent support McCain and seven per cent are undecided.

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