Assam Blast : Guwahati Still in Flames

Three Maruti cars with ammonium nitrate, plasticisers and programmable time devices planted in them were used in the bomb blasts in Guwahati, police said. Bombs were made to blast- Full of terror-Blood flows every where-Rush in Hospital-Dead relatives-Sound of Cry, All because of the Terrorism, Men admitted in Hospital some Recupered with injuried others succumbed to injuries. Three persons, including Nazir Ahmed, from whose mobile the SMS claiming responsibility for the blast by Islamic Security Force (Indian Mujahideen) was sent, have so far been arrested, Inspector General of Police (Law and Order) Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta said. The bombs were planted in maruti 800 model cars in Fancy Bazaar, Pan Bazaar and Ganeshguri in Guwahati. One among the cars blast heavily and the last two digit of the number were missing. On thursday it was smoke in City and On friday it was smoke in Crematoria. Till now not all bodies are identified. DNA tests were been Conducted so as to find their dead relatives.


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