Saddam Hussein was stabbed 6 Times before his Death

The body of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was stabbed six times after he was executed, according to the head guard at his tomb north of Baghdad, who was one of the people that helped bury the corpse. But the Iraqi Government denies this, for crime against Humanity. The Chief guard of Saddam’s tomb is Talal Misrab, who is 45, lives in al-Awja, Village where the Slained Dictator spent most of his Childhood times. Talal Misrab said ” There were six stab wounds on his body,four of the wounds were on front and two on his back. He also said there was an injury to his face. There were also people who saw the injuries before the Corpse was burried, the next day of the Capital Punishment. But Iraq’s security advisor has denied the allegation. ” I oversaw the whole process from A to Z and Saddam Hussein’s body was not, not stabbed or mutilated and he was not humiliated before execution,” he said.

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