Saddam Hussien’s Yatch For Sale

Its time for you guys to have something that was owned by one of the world’s well known as well as the Dictator of Iraq’s Yatch is for sale announced. Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s 270, foot yacht “Ocean Breeze” has been put on sale. Fastened at the southern French resort of Nice, the yacht is expected to fetch around 20 million pounds. There was a Official announcement came from Iraq that the sale will be done within next week. The Yatch named ” Ocean Breeze ” was built in 1981 and was big compared that age. It had a helicopter landing pad, Palace, Theater, secret escape passageway. Saddam, whose decades long regime came to an end after the US led invasion in 2003 and who was hanged in 2006 for crimes against humanity,lead a Luxurious life. US officials estimated that Saddam and his family may have Swindled a fortune of up to 25 billion pounds while he ruled Iraq. Another which owned by Saddam was destroyed in 2003 by US Army.

Picture of Yatch>>


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