Is There Another Bradley Effect in This US Election


L.Douglas Wilder was the first African-American to be elected governor of a US state. He won the Virginia governor’s race in 1989 by less than half a percentage point after holding a comfortable lead in the polls. This is called Wilder effect. Sometimes Wilder effect is compared with Bradely Effect, Which is polling error made by the voters of American Citizen. Generally what they say is they will give their vote to the African-American but really they will not do that. This is what we call as Bradley Effect. This was observed Previously when former Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, a Democrat, who lost the California gubernatorial race to Republican George Deukmejian despite being ahead in the polls. But this time there is only a little evidence of that Effect. When asked the people regarding this they Admitted their Own views. Dave Motel, a United Steelworkers union member who supports Obama, said there are people who say “they are not going to vote for a black man.” But he believes some of them will end up supporting Obama. Over all it is said there will be only Reverse Bradley effect this time, Lets wait and see which effect Dominates.


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