Chandrayaan-I Leaves Earth Gravity- Enters towards Moon


Chandrayaan-1 on Tuesday left the earth’s gravity and head towards the moon. The space craft was fired to enter the moon was performed yesterday and it will reach the moon on November 8. It is Indias lunar mission to study the moon in Detail. M. Annadurai, Project Director, Chandrayaan-1, said, “ The spacecraft is in lunar transfer orbit. Everything is normal. We will do the lunar insertion manoeuvre of the spacecraft on November 8. We are working for the spacecraft to reach its final lunar orbit on November 15 ”. He also said that the Things are on Track as predicited. On the way to moon Chandrayaan-I will take images of earth as well as space using the High Resolution Cameras fitted with and sends images to earth, ISRO. Signals are being received by two massive antennas located at Byalalu village in Bangalore.


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