Preity Zinta was Humiliated in Shooting


Preity Zinta is massive and being raved by all for her wonderful performance in the movie “Heaven On Earth”, which bagged her The Best Actress Award, Feels like as if she was Humiliated during Shooting when her Co-star slapped her.” When we were shooting the film, there was a scene where my co-star had to slap me and of course, it was a mistake as he took one step forward and actually went smack across my face. It was the most humiliating experience of my life because everyone saw me getting slapped,” Preity told in an interview.

Preity got the Silver Hugo Award for best actress in the Feature Film Competition section at the 44th Chicago International Film Festival Oct 29. She said it was a tough role to do and to get involved with the Character she went and spoke to a village lady regarding this… the lady replied…” I told my husband if you want to beat me, beat me in a room. But don’t beat me in front of the family “. Priety played a battered wife role for a Abusive Husband in ” Heaven On Earth “.     watch>>


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