Judges Demands Pay Hike


Judges in India are powerful but now they want more power and status. Sources said that Chief Justice of India has written a letter to the Law Minister in concerned with the Pay hike. The letter written by the Chief Justice of India had created a Predicament among the mass. Implementation of this will take a long Journey. This can’t be done in a fraction of seconds. First need the Cabinet’s approval and then the Parliament’s sanction… Before the Sixth Pay Commission, salary of the Chief Justice of India was Rs. 33 thousand, Rs 3 thousand less than the Governor’s pay. Now the Chief Justice wants his salary to be hiked to Rs 1.1 lakh the same as the Governor. The Chief Justice also wants a hike for other judges, Rs 1 lakh for Supreme Court colleagues and Rs 90,000 for High Court judges.


2 Responses to “Judges Demands Pay Hike”

  1. ASHISH Says:

    Chief justice of India’s salary should be more than the governor because he unlike the governor is the head of an institution whose jurisdiction extends to the entire country.Our judges deserve to be paid much more than what they are getting.After the acceptance of the the 6th pay commision’s recommendations even bureaucrats and Defence chiefs are entitled to get three times more than Supreme court judges.Judges are constitutional authorities unlike service chiefs or bureaucrats who are only govt servants.How can they get less than govt servants?

  2. rajkumar ambatkar Says:

    The Judges of Supreme Court and different High Courts are the heade of the pious Institution.The government should provide everything they need.I am confident that they will never demanr excessively.Ihave not yet heaer that the judges have put their demands before Govt.regarding pay hike.It is the Govt, to consider their needs.Its very disgusting to hear that the Governors and defence chiefs are being paid more than Judges of Supreme court and High Courts.
    The govt.may be late but has taken right decision to enhance the salaries of judges.The proper attention of the govt. is required to be brought to the salaries of judges of lower judiciary

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