Indian Students Felicitated in International Exams


Four students from Dhirubhai Ambani International School have secured highest marks in subjects at All-India level while one student topped in two subjects at the international level in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGSE) conducted in 156 countries around the world. This test is conducted by the University of Cambridge International Examinations said that over all Indians have performed well and all Indian grades are A*, the highest grades. At a function chaired by Nita Ambani to honour the toppers said ” Over the last three years, our students have delivered outstanding results developing a consistent track record. The children have worked hard and my heartiest congratulations to each one of them and their proud parents “. The four students who topped are Jessika Haria,Abhay Mittal,Anvisha Pai and Gaurang Poddar. Poddar is the international topper in two subjects Mathematics and Physical Education Haria was judged the best IGCSE student in India, for highest marks in over six subjects. ” It is a great experience for us as we get to apply our classroom lessons in order to find solutions to everyday practical problems “, History topper Pai.


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