Nadine Gordimer, Nobel Laureate Praises Obama


South African writer and Nobel Laureate Nadine Gordimer, known for her campaign against apartheid, has given Barack Obama her blessings. The winner of Nobel prize for Literature in 1991 said, Obama half black and half white understands both the people and will work for bringing them together thus putting an end to Racisism. She is now 85 and all her life she had worked against apartheid. She had written 13 Novels and 200 Short Stories. ” I have a view of it that I’m sorry to say has not been expressed sufficiently. And that is, right, he is celebrated as a black man. But it is not pointed out that he is half white and half black “, Nadine said. ” To me that symbolically represents a kind of advance in recognising the human tribe as one. In other words, he is bring together within his own DNA, his blood, what we all wish to see is the end of racism. I hope this symbolism means something “, she added.


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