Obama,The Modern Roosevelt to Tame Crisis


US President-elect Barack Obama has been compared to Kennedy, a phenomenon and in some circles even a messiah. But as the US economy falls into a deeper recession, Obama is also being compared to former Democratic US President Franklin D Roosevelt. Also, the 2008 election is being compared to the election of 1932, that swept Franklin D Roosevelt into the Oval office. Crisis at that time Was regulated by President Roosevelt’s radio speeches, now by President-elect Barack Obama’s internet Voice and by the speech ” THE CHANGE “… ” There are important similarities in the political style. FDR was a very calm figure with his cigarette holder and his sort of Bon-vivant style. Obama projects a sense of style and also a sense of optimism “, said Prof David Denoon. This depression is similar to 1930’s and Now Obama faces in 2008, thats the only difference.


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